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I have no idea when or why I wrote this, or what I was thinking at the time
"The trees here are massive, nothing like they are back home."
"Really. And they seem so much different too. More like many thin trees tangled together than just one."
"The leaves are different too, kind of funny looking."
"The trees aren't that important though, huh? Lets get moving."
"Right, right. Where are we going anyway?"
"This way."
"Gee... thanks."
"Don't worry, nothing dangerous. The path is just like it is here the whole way."
"What excitement. Dead leaves, weird trees, and random sticks to trip on... *grumbles*"
"Would you prefer taking the swamp route?"
"No, I suppose not. This place could be a bit more interes... hey! what's that?"
"What's what?"
"That shiny thing in the brush over there."
"I don't know... *walks over and picks up the key* Looks like someone's old chest key. Probably been here for months it's so rusted."
"I don't see anything on it that would make it shine... why was it reflecting light?"
"*moves his hand from the center of the shaft to the end* Band in the center's made of rubies."
"That's odd."
"Yeah. Oh well."
"*stumbles on something* Ack. *looks down* Ah man. I dropped my traveler's cup thing and stepped on it..."
"I told you it's better to bring a mug with a handle than that flimsy thing. A mug you can tie down. That thing is too smooth, and could fall easily, and no handle to tie down. Pick up the pieces and let's get moving."
"*picks up pieces and continues walking* Hey. Is that where we're going over there?"
"That dump? Nah."
"Dump? That place is gorgeous. Has to be made of the finest marble around!"
"If a leaf fell on that place it would crumble to dust I tell you."
"No way. Finest craftsmanship I've ever seen in a mansion of that sty... y... y..."
"What's wrong? Cat got your ton... never mind. The bear does."
"Ih... ih..."
"You wuss. *walks up to the bear and pats it on the head*"
"Wha... how... why..."
"Never seen a bear harm a soul in this forest, probably never will."
"I have you."
"I know. *grins*"
*both jump as a loud crashing sound fills the area*
"See! I told you it was a dump."
"I guess you were right. Nothing even touched the place as far as I can tell."
"Haha! The place is burning. Fine marble my ass!"
"Marble... doesn't... ignite..."
"I'll give 'em credit for the paint job, but that thing was never going to last."
"How can someone make wood look that much like marble?"
"Got me. Think we should do something about those flames?"
"I think nature's got that covered. *points to rain clouds just before it starts pouring*"
"Saves that trouble... but I still hate rain."
"So where are we going?"
"I told you already. This way *turns and continues down the path*"
"*walk walk walk* What's that noise... *turns head, turns back and friend is gone* Hey! Where'd you go?"