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Britannia is a reference to the world of Ultima Online. The "Knights of Yew" is a reference to a guild in Ultima Online that I was a part of.
I was born in Kymshaal, a mining village in Erath. My father was a guard there, my mother was a weaponsmith. Though I did a lot, my childhood has very little to speak of. I learned to fight and hunt from my father, and how to sharpen weapons from my mother. I spent a lot of time with the other adults in the village as well, learning bits of politics, history, and metallurgy, though I never had much interest in the last.
As I grew, so did my desire to be a guard. The demand for one, though, wasn't there, since Erath had been in peace for hundreds of years, and the worst crimes in the past dozen or so being small thefts. I stuck with it though, and went to the military school in Hymlen when I was old enough to. I soon became the youngest to finish training, and was asked by the Queen and King themselves to become a royal guard.
For five years I was more an escort than a guard, but I kept at my position and stayed trained should I ever be needed for more. At the end of the five years, that time came as the Darshin invaded our lands.
The war lasted six years. In that time, I served many positions, and did many duties. I was a scout, a messenger, a diplomat, a babysitter, and a warrior. Through my actions, I eventually was given the rank of Royal Guard Commander, the highest rank a guard can achieve.
After the war, the cities of Erath had to be rebuilt. I aided with that for almost a year before I met a traveller from another world, Britannia. The traveller, Arthur Illandril, taught me of his world and his language. Eventually I decided his world could use my talents more than my own, now that we had secured at least a handful of years of peace. I left my world for his, and sought out the Knights of Yew.